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A medal to anyone who restrings their dolls without the proper stringing tools. I know I’d be LOST without my headpuller and stringing hook. Seriously. A medal to all you brave warriors.

Image by BJDConfessions

I only ever use ribbon and my knees and sometimes also my feet. I tried a stringing hook one time and I ended up punching a hole in my finger with it.

I punched myself in the face and gave myself a black eye once when the ribbon I was using to string a doll broke. Those were some good times.

I use ribbons and a poking contraption brendon made from a coathanger.

Seriously use narrow shoelaces! The aglets make for easy threading through parts and they can take a lot more weight than ribbon. I really need to get a stringing tool though because Volks SD13 bodies are near impossible to string with shoelaces alone because of the lower torso shape. Also I use the handle of my forceps to take heads off. 

I’ve always found stringing tools to be more trouble than they’re worth, especially if the channels in a dolls limbs are uneven or particularly narrow. x_x Personally I use either thin ribbon or string and forceps to secure the elastic etc.

Ribbon always. Like party ribbon, thin. And muscle power.

I’d love to have the legit stuff, but I keep hearing things

I never had proper restring tools? Put me in a dessert and im pretty sure I can do it with a cactus by now. 


A few photos from the other day! I had troubles with my pocket hoops collapsing but other then that I’m really pleased with everything! 

Dress, cloak, and headpiece were all made and worn by me. 

Information on how I made the pieces, along with more photos (coming soon) are posted right here


I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum today. The fashion section was amazing 


Weave us a mist, fog weaver.


That Bird Looks Pissed Lol


That Bird Looks Pissed Lol